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Don’t do the tourist thing, Ask me why

Try not doing the tourist thing on vacation, It is best to do what the locals do. it much less expensive, meaning more money in your pocket to do other things you would like to do. Most locals are more than happy to let you know what you can do to get the most of your stay any where. Tourist packages are often quite expensive and you can’t really break from groups your with. Like Las Vegas for one. There is so much more fun when you have the real deal before planning your trip. Been there and done that. Ask me how.


Looking for advice on a good used car and how to not get stung on the deal. just ask me.


                                              The Brotherhood of Man

                                              No man must let his brother feel

                                              The sting, injustice brings

                                              But rather help him walk in pride

                                              And soar on freedoms wings.

                                              For each man is diminished not

                                              When he shall help another

                                              And understand and comfort him

                                              And call a man his brother


                                              No man must let another weep

                                              Or see his chance denied.

                                              For each man must walk the path of hope

                                              And dream the dream, untried.

                                              No man must let the truth be stilled,

                                              Stand mute when he should speak.

                                              Or set the truth in shadows dark

                                              For just a few to seek.


                                              No man must have to live in fear,

                                              Or bondage from the past

                                              But strive to reach the highest goal

                                              And build a love to last.

                                             And each man must take another’s dream

                                             And call that dream his own,

                                             And share the things his brother feels

                                             To set the cornerstone.





To speak of what ever is on your mind today, share with others that may have the same view. Speak and be heard, for a sparrows eye is the sharpest on the view.

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